A.I. and Machine Learning

The structure of the intelligent enterprise

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Are many of your processes are characterized by manual decisions? Are rule-based automation approaches not enough for your problems? Are you unsure if artificial intelligence and machine learning are relevant to your business? Or do you simply feel overwhelmed with the emerging, disruptive technology and would like to draw on expert knowledge?

Increase the intelligence of your systems

No technology is currently present as Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, this is not just a hype – there is a great deal of disruptive potential behind AI. Enterprise data can be processed in unprecedented ways to automate decisions that used to rely on human intuition. SAP Leonardo offers you standard APIs, e.g. for image recognition and classification. In addition, it is possible to continue training models stored in SAP Leonardo. That means adapting them to your requirements or integrating completely new models into the system (bring your own model). Moreover, full support from Tensorflow can be used. The potential that AI offers your company is diverse. In addition to the automation options already described, targeted user support can also be realized through Contextual Interaction, for example in an intelligent assistant. This eliminates the need for manual decisions and allows you to tap new processes or even business areas and models in a technology-driven way.

abat helps you to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your processes

abat advises and supports you in identifying the application potential of Artificial Intelligence in your processes. We help you build the right data and datasets for your purpose. We always check whether the standard solutions offered are sufficient, or whether new models must be implemented and trained in order to integrate them into existing applications and processes. In addition, we will show you how the Continuous Integration Strategy of the models can be designed.

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