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Is your ticket volume increasing? Do your background processes always have longer and longer runtimes? Do your systems collect "legacy" or unneeded programs? Or is extension of your existing software almost impossible, because design flaws impede the development?

Complex software systems are often maintenance-intensive or require extensions which make the system environment even more complicated. And, over time, performance degrades in many cases.

Software Quality Management by abat - concept, development, test, running

Software development projects are created by abat under the premise "Right-the-First-Time" - so benefit from our experience. Because truly sustainable development is characterized by the fact that the product life cycle is viewed holistically through quality management.

It starts in the conceptual phase where e.g. suitable design patterns serve as the basis of the design. As development proceeds, the entire process is accompanied by tool-based code checks as well as code reviews. Dynamic development projects are subject to constant change and therefore represent a particular challenge. Tools and methods of quality management help to control this change and ensure the performance, security, reusability and maintainability of the software. This means shorter development times as well as faster and often more positive tests with less rework.

Software Quality Management by abat as part of the project

Comprehensive support of your development project during the design and development phase by abat quality management will help you to ensure a sustainable solution throughout the entire software lifecycle. Based on your requirements as well as the project and system conditions, we support you in choosing suitable tools and methods.

Software Quality Assurance as an independent service

Independent quality assurance by abat can be used to secure a software release or to support the acceptance process of individual developments. We use a combination of automated testing and code reviews to assess compliance with development guidelines and best practices. In addition to Code Inspector test variants, additional software metrics integrated into the SAP Code Inspector can be collected. These provide KPIs which, for example, enable you to identify critical software modules. Experienced QA specialists can then carry out manual code reviews on these specific modules.

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