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Awareness Training

Awareness Training

Why do you need Awareness Training?

The level of IT security or information security rises and lowers with every person in the company, including members of the management. Today's threats, e.g. through ransomware make it clear that a wrong click by not instructed people can severely impair the day-to-day business of a company or even bring it to a standstill. However, you may also have to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 or TISAX® so that you cannot avoid raising awareness of your company.

What is the course of an awareness training?

We carry out awareness-raising measures, for example on-site training or webinars. The training courses will be coordinated with your company needs in advance. We make sure that practical examples are used. These measures can create the necessary awareness of information security and protect your company against IT attacks.

Why should you choose abat?

To ensure that information security can be promoted in your company and that you are well equipped for certification and testing processes, abat offers you consulting services in this area. Our consultants are licensed as an ISO 27001 auditor at DEKRA Certification GmbH. Years of experience and regular advanced training in this area ensure that we are guided by current standards. It is our goal to inform you of dangers in IT or to optimally prepare you for an exam.

Free initial consultation to analyze your needs

During the first consultation, you define your initial situation and we clarify the first questions. This appointment is free of charge and non-binding for you.

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