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Are you looking to protect your data by means of encryption and access management? Is your company collecting and processing emerging data in volume across the enterprise? Perhaps your processes also involve a lot of data-based communication and exchange of documents with partners, are you exposed? And to exploit potential and shorten process cycle times, do you want to forego intermediaries? At the same time, are the costs of operational and financial transactions a thorn in the side for you?

Integrate Blockchain-as-a-Service into your processes

The blockchain technology offers far more potential than its widespread use as a means of payment would suggest. With the use of so-called Smart Contracts, you can automate rule-based decisions on a cross-company level. Depending on the desired configuration of your blockchain network, in the form of a consortium blockchain (participating selected organizations), as public (any organization can participate) or private blockchain (only one organization can participate), transactions between different participants can be executed, if defined constraints in the smart contracts are met. Extremely practical: your data and transactions are encrypted and securely protected against unauthorized access by third parties and against manipulation. Due to the availability of Blockchain-as-a-Service as part of SAP Leonardo, the blockchain can be integrated in a short time as a service in your existing applications and processes.

abat helps you integrate the blockchain into your processes

abat advises you and checks whether it makes sense to use the blockchain in your processes. In addition, we take over the implementation of your blockchain approach and assist you in the establishment of the blockchain network. In doing so, we dispense with intermediaries and steps that have become unnecessary as a result of the blockchain (for example, the document transfer). And to make your processes more transparent, decentralized, faster and more secure, our experts will show you usage scenarios and optimization potential.

Our experts will give you an insight into our performance.

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