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ERP from the Cloud

Is your business looking to get out from under high hardware investments? Are you behind on applying constant software release changes, despite the fact you know that old releases can hamper your company’s innovation? Are there subsidiaries or new business fields (companies) that must be integrated into your system landscape? Or are you looking for a compact IT solution to map your business processes and still have your data available anytime, anywhere and above all securely?

Cloud ERP - The solution to your problems is so close

The cost savings of using an ERP solution from the cloud can be very evident. Not only are capital commitments for expensive software licenses reduced, but alsothe costs for the company owning and maintaining IT infrastructure such as servers, data centers and security architectures are at least partially eliminated. A cloud solution is scalable to cover not only your current but also future needs, making it right for today and ready for tomorrow. Many of the functional possibilities offered by the SAP S / 4HANA Cloud help your company to further develop innovative processes. Additionally regular, automated patches and upgrades, are carried out by SAP, freeing up your internal staff. At the same time, you benefit from a secure and controlled system, SAP best practices, standardized processes and fast rollouts. All the benefits that help your business grow faster.

abat can show you the fastest way to the future

abat advises you and implements your desired standardized processes in the cloud. With our expert knowledge, we can provide you with early ROI by quickly introducing or developing your Cloud ERP solution with reduced implementation and maintenance costs by standardizing your processes. The agile development of your SAP cloud solution also supports the innovation capabilities of your company. Benefit from an abat-based, uncomplicated migration of your existing solution to the cloud, the integration of other SAP solutions or the effortless connection to your private cloud, e.g. to the parent company.

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