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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


abat’s main principle is to have confidence in other people and to treat each other with respect. The use of social diversity has long since been a part of daily life for all of us as more than a dozen of different nationalities work for our company and as we have internationally operating customers.

abat supports all reasonable measures that are good for physical and intellectual health of our employees, from a fitness studio up to the company runs. Trainings in the field „stress and burn-out“ as well as first-aid-measures trainings are offered preventively to the Company’s employees. In addition to laptop, tablet, mobile phone and company car, every employee can also get a company bike – everything is allowed for a private use. Self-governing allows our employees to schedule their working hours flexibly at their own responsibility in coordination with their teams and customers as well as to take the days to work from home. Every employee is entitled to continuous basic and advanced education by internal and external trainings from a specialist’s point of view as well as beyond specialization competencies. During formal annual meetings with personnel, the employee interests are reconciled with corporate objectives, and an appropriate development plan is defined with an employee.

With the weekly newsletter as blog and with the team events taking place four times a year, all information regarding projects and sales successes or failures, regarding corporate goals and strategies up to the office gossip is communicated. Internal and external business processes are continually being revised and optimised jointly with the staff.
We cultivate a company culture characterized by autonomous responsibility, self-determination, flat hierarchies and supervisors, which primarily see themselves as coaches. Everybody has the possibility to realise him or herself with the passion for work, the success of the entire team is the center of attention thereby.


Green Office
When creating the new corporate building in October 2015, environmental considerations have been at the forefront of the planning process:

  • Geothermal heat with concrete core activation  
  • According to the DGNB criteria
  • Segway, e-bike and e-cars parking spaces with the appropriate charging preparations  
  • The large glass areas with thermal insulation glazing which allows an energy-efficient and sustainable annual balance of operating costs
  • Space ventilation system for a very good indoor air  
  • Generous open office situations for a modern working atmosphere with the office furniture concept orientated to the sustainability criteria and ergonomics

Moreover, we use recycling paper in our office, and the documents for internal use are printed on both sides of paper. Documents, as far as possible, are processed and sent electronically in the form of a PDF file. Adhesives are purchased according to the environmental compatibility criteria, insert printings and business cards are printed in large order. Batteries and CDs are centrally collected and disposed of according to the regulations in force.

Green IT
All servers are outsourced to an external computer center which is equipped by modern and energy-saving systems. The servers were virtualized and thus the number of server landscapes was reduced to about one-sixth. The utilization period of the individual servers of 6 to 7 years is far above the average; and, if they are disposed of, the devices, which are not yet worn out, are neither used as an internal experimental server nor donated to the schools or other public facilities.

Business trips
are planned by the employees or by the Secretariat in such a way that the efficiency is placed in the foreground. Wherever reasonable and possible, car-sharing pools are being organized. As company cars, besides e-cars and hybrid vehicles, exclusively diesel engines are allowed as they are more energy efficient with the high mileage.  If desired, a BahnCard100 can be selected instead of the company car.


abat is committed to long-term partnership with customers and suppliers, i.e. to long-term goal fulfillment instead of short-term success. The benefit of our customers is paramount for all of our activities; it also means that abat considers itself to be more a partner rather than a supplier. To the customers, realizing their projects with abat, means to realize their project proposals in time and budget. To achieve this goal, the transparency is required, both internally and externally, and it becomes one of our corporate principles.     

Project team members are chosen based on their social compatibility with the customers, in addition to their professional qualifications.  abat recommends its customers to involve, as far as feasible, all stakeholders (future users) in the project activities and to regularly provide them with appropriate information on the project contents and proceedings by means of the project newsletter. An important factor in achieving customer’s satisfaction is abat internal quality management; a team specifically set up for this purpose controls the quality in the projects and organizes the corresponding training measures and reviews.  
Besides the ISO9000 certification, abat puts itself in the Balance Scorecard reviews of customers or itself conducts customer satisfaction surveys. abat considers its employees’ expertise with regard to the SAP and industry knowledge as a unique selling proposition and supports these skills by comprehensive internal and external trainings.

At abat, the innovations constitute an essential and dynamic component of sustainable management. So, the technical and procedural developments are continuously monitored, picked up by abat, developed in the form by the innovation teams and transmitted to the work force. The key topics in this respect are SAP HANA, SAP TM and SAP EWM. In addition, abat develops its own SAP-based MES system that becomes the only SAP standard MES for complex variant production.  

In order to fulfill the customers‘ requirements, abat has been growing consistently over many years by an average of 15 percent a year. This growth is driven independently of the order situation and depends solely on the social and professional competencies of the applicants. The parent company is a Public Joint Stock Company. The shares are fully held by the persons conducting operative daily business in the organization, no one of which holds a blocking minority.  In terms of corporate management over the long term, abat began already years ago to take on employees in the management in addition to the company’s founders.   

Since its founding, abat is self-financed, had always a positive EBIT and transfers on principle at least 50 % of profits to reserve. abat is also socially engaged through its involvement in education of an average of 20 trainees and dual  students. Furthermore, 25.000€ are donated to social institutions every year, and the company additionally donates in the case of emergency situations. At Christmas, 500 lots are sold with action Mensch, and at the team events, the public auctions and competitions take place in favor of the further measures and actions (as a rule, for social projects from the child and youth work sector such as, for example, „Kids need future e.V.“).

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