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Cyber Security Check

Cyber Security Check

Why do you need a Cyber Security Check?

Information is corporate values that need to be protected. Here, not only the security of the company data and customer data should be considered, but also storage locations (e.g. mobile devices such as USB sticks, smartphones, notebooks, laptops) and transmission paths (e.g. email, cloud) should be taken into account.

What is the process of a Cyber Security Check?

Basically, we analyze the information security or IT security of your company and check the security measures implemented, together in a workshop at your site. To carry out the Cyber Security Check, we comply with recognized information security standards (e.g. ISO 27001). Of course, we also take into account your individual industry-specific requirements. After completing the check, you will receive an inventory of the current situation and a list of our recommendations for improving information security in your company. The scope of the Cyber Security Check can be defined by you yourself - we follow your request for the depth of the check. We would be happy to support you in implementing the measures we recommend after the check.

Why should you choose abat AG?

To ensure that information security can be promoted in your company and that you are well equipped for certification and testing processes, abat offers you consulting services in this area. Our consultants are licensed by DEKRA Certification GmbH as ISO 27001 auditors. Years of experience and regular advanced training in this area ensure that we are guided by current standards. It is our goal to inform you of dangers in IT or to optimally prepare you for an exam.

Free initial consultation to analyze your needs

During the first consultation, you define your initial situation and we clarify the first questions. This appointment is free of charge and non-binding for you.

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