Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for your Supply Chain

  • Do you want to ensure the fast and reliable delivery of goods to your customers even better and more effortlessly than before?
  • Do you want to be able to act proactively even before identify and remediate supply issues before theyhave affect your customersn acute impact or before your customers feel the impact?
  • Do you want to be able to act in real time?
  • Do you want to gain transparency introducing, integrating, and employing the jungle of new technologies and their added value?


If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions with YES, we can help. then you are right here with us. Because we help youabat will advise and assist:

  • to make new technologies available to you and your customers, helping you realize tangible and to realize added value
  • to discover new applications that were previously not possible in the past
  • to realize tracking and trace with real-time data
  • to implement mobile data acquisition as well as the integration of, for example, e.g. sensors and RFID tags
  • to assemble and integrateput together the necessary data and technologies to optimize your supply chain
  • to digitally transform digitally your production process


Some examples of how abat helps with digital transformation:

  • with abatour solution TM-ON-STREET we link all events along the supply chain and give you full transparency about the status of your deliveries
  • with our data glasses solutions, we digitize your warehouse processes
  • with our Virtual Reality solution takes "on the job training on the job" to a new level
  • with our MES PLUS solution, we also digitize your plant
  • with our software ID-Report, we digitize your sustainability reporting

What is the next step?

Contact us. Make an appointment with us. Is there a specific topic where you want support? We individually present your options individually.

How does abat help?

Without the right technology, you cannot make your processes more efficient. Using the "wrong" technology couldan even negatively impact efficiency. Therefore, it is important not to use new technologies just to do sofor their own sake, but rather firstto examine the concrete added value it represents for your business and your customers.

abat as Innovation Scout:
We regularly deal with new trends and technologies. In particular, we studyconsider in depth,etail the technologies offered by SAP and evaluate them in terms of value creation for our customers. In this waySo, we can provide our customers with knowledge and advice that is current, practical, and in most cases backed by experienceknow what's going on and what's not going on at the moment.

abat as Solution Architect:
We are the sparring partner for the new ideas of our customers, to discuss evenas well (supposedly) crazy ideas. Because from time to time out of the craziest ideas, are created, from time to time, come the most successful solutionsproducts. (Apple makes a cell phone without a keyboard, SAP holds with SAP HANA just all the data in the main memory, making it independent of the access speed of the hard drives...).

Together with our customers, we select the best solution for the specific purpose and put together all the components that are required for this purpose.

abat as Implementation Partner:
We implement the selected SAP components for our customers and set them according to customer requirements. We integrate non-SAP components via interfaces so that a seamless data flow is possible.

abat as a Product Supplier:
With our products we bring fast and cheap inexpensive solutions for you to use. If there are areas that are essential for your businessto you, but for which there is still no solution on the market, we developimplement the component for you and make it available as a product.

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