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Embedded SAP Transportation Management in SAP S/4HANA 1709

Do envision a system landscape without interfaces for the exchange of movement and master data for your transport management solution? Do you want to organize inbound and outbound deliveries in a transport request? Are you questioning what constitutes LE-TRA data objects or LE-TRA transport planning in the TM world? Or have you already decided to benefit from S/4HANA TM functionalities, but are unsure whether Basic Shipping covers your functionalities?

Better in the middle than just nearby

A major challenge in transport management is mounting demands that more and more products be available to the customer on shorter notice. As a result, however, logistical problems are becoming increasingly complex and the challenges facing order processing and transport logistics are increasing. A primary goal of many companies is therefore to find the optimal balance between the complexity of distribution, the satisfaction of customer needs and the transport costs. A decision for the "right" transport management software is crucial. After all, all corporate processes must mesh seamlessly, data is to be recorded in real time, and relevant information must be displayed transparently.

Up until now, the transport management solution SAP TM has been made available only as part of the SAP SCM Platform. With the release S/4HANA 1709 it was integrated into the S/4HANA complete solution. The SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management (SAP S / 4HANA TM) is part of the SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain solution. A significant advantage of this integration is the elimination of interface monitoring, since S/4HANA and SAP TM access the same master and transaction data and therefore transfer and reconciliation are no longer required. Furthermore, the functionalities of SAP LE-TRA were replaced by corresponding functions of SAP TM. And since SAP has already announced an end to the rights of use for LE-TRA as of December 31, 2015, companies using this module should deal with the replacement of LE-TRA by SAP TM quickly. To replace the LE-TRA, SAP offers two integration scenarios in the TM environment.

  1. The Basic Shipping enables the holistic mapping of all LE-TRA processes in TM and is not additionally licensed.
  2. Professional Shipping offers the full functionality of the current SAP TM solution and is additionally licensed. (Limited to the current S/4HANA TM release)

How abat supports you in implementing Embedded TM

For the integration of transport processing into an existing system landscape, SAP has provided different deployment options. If no S/4HANA TM usage is planned (perhaps only temporarily), SAP TM can be implemented on the SCM Platform. This solution can be used beyond 2025, both in combination with SAP ERP and S/4HANA. LE-TRA used in SAP ERP will also be replaced by TM processes in this case. The advantage here is that objects already used in S/4HANA TM can be utilized. Another option is the parallel use of LE-TRA and S/4HANA TM and a subsequent, gradual replacement of the LE-TRA processes. However, starting in 2026, only S/4HANA TM or the SAP TM Business Suite solution can be used. Which variant of integration is suitable until then depends on various factors, which are to be examined in the context of a primary analysis.

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