EWM in Production Supply

Production supply with SAP EWM

Many of our customers are facing the following questions: How can we achieve inventory transparency in our production? How can we supply and dispose of our production in-time, precisely and optimally? Can we provide components for our discrete as well as for our batch production in EWM?

Imagine future tasks

Increasing complexity in production inevitably leads to increasing complexity of internal and cross-plant logistics systems in many companies. Manufacturers strive for the principle of mass customization. The production process is organized in such a way that as many product variants as possible can be produced without interruption. To this end, logistics networks today are characterized by a high degree of diversity and dynamism. This means: a complex supply chain involving many suppliers and logistics service providers. SAP EWM as part of SAP Supply Chain Execution can support this.

Tasks to be solved

A challenge for the use of SAP EWM in production supply, however, is the assembly line supply for batch production: consumption postings for batch production must not be made in SAP standard for stocks managed by EWM. To work around this, inventory management must switch to SAP ECC after the parts are made available by SAP EWM. Controlling the production supply is more difficult for the user, as SAP ECC does not know any location-specific stocks in production. A mixture of batch production and discrete production on the same assembly line is therefore currently not possible in SAP standard.

abat offers you a solution for more transparency

This gap is closed by the "Consulting Solution for Batch Production in EWM" by abat. Our solution makes it possible to post the consumption of EWM-managed stocks in batch production – analogous to discrete manufacturing. Thus, more transparency in ​​production supply is ensured. Since the stock remains in an EWM-managed production supply area, it is no longer necessary to post goods that were provided for production but not needed back to the EWM from SAP ECC. Therefore, the Consulting Solution also guarantees that the original goods receipt date is retained on the components and thus FIFO stock removal can be ensured in the event of a new provision.

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