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Expert Knowledge from abat

Here is a selection of our expert knowledge:


Advanced Production Integration

Making the impossible possible! Manufacturing companies who want to manage their production supply warehouses with SAP EWM and simultaneously mass-produce their products face a challenge: Advanced Production Integration with SAP EWM is designed exclusively for production or process orders from discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.


Decarbonization through digitization

Solutions for easy capturing of CO2 hotspots in complex supply chains

"I ride my bike all over the place." For the private individual, it's certainly a sensible and, above all, easy contribution to the protection of the environment. In business, however, climate protection is usually a little more complicated. The entire production cycle must be searched for energy-intensive processes both inside and outside a company. Complex software is needed to analyze such CO2 hotspots, because the respective processes can rarely be applied to different cases.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Most SAP customers only use SAP Solution Manager to download Support Packages. But this software can do so much more, providing you with established solutions to satisfy you as a customer when it comes to protecting, documenting, controlling and managing your SAP systems.

Sensor data for sustainability reporting

Sustainability Officers and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) managers often spend most of their time preparing and implementing sustainability reporting. Diverse sources of information for the report from various departments of the company serve as a basis for the key figures used.

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