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Expert-Knowledge: Decarbonization through digitization

Decarbonization through digitization

Solutions for easy capturing of CO2 hotspots in complex supply chains

Do something for the environment in a "simple" way

Climate protection is becoming increasingly important in public discourse - and that is a good thing. After all, the consequences of global warming have become increasingly apparent in recent years. For example, in addition to rising sea levels, climate change is causing increasingly extreme weather events in some regions, such as heat waves and droughts. Man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are the main driver of current global warming. It is precisely the economy that produces large quantities of this greenhouse gas, so it is important to reduce them, but without negatively affecting the respective company. The term decarbonisation describes this process and is ultimately intended to achieve CO2 neutrality for the economy.

A contribution to climate protection can be achieved by individual companies in many different ways. For example, by using CO2-neutral energy sources, avoiding business trips through video conferencing or by ensuring that employees only use public transport. The list can be continued - but the decisive step that precedes all measures is always the same: to capture the most energy-intensive processes first!

Because the analysis of sources of intensive CO2 emissions (hotspots) is crucial to start at the right place and establish effective solutions.

This whitepaper presents a method that - only supported by standard software - makes it possible to create such overviews of CO2 hotspots. Thus, the collection is uncomplicated and possible even under complex production conditions.

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