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1st / 2nd Party Audit

1st / 2nd Party Audit

Why do you need a 1st or 2nd Party Audit?

Working with service providers may have a negative impact on your company's information security. Remote access to their own systems is often permitted without defining any previous rules for handling them. Often it is not checked whether the service provider's systems are suitable in terms of information security. In addition, service providers are often in possession of administrative rights or even permanent access to the data of their clients and their customers. This can result in uncontrolled data outflow, data manipulation or even deletion. Perhaps you are already aware of these dangers, but you do not want to carry out the verification of your service providers yourself and outsource them.

What is the process of a 1st / 2nd party audit?

We take over the auditing of your service providers based on your goals and the audit program. This can be done on site or remotely if desired. We document the results and draw up a list of recommendations for improving information security.

Why should you choose abat?

To ensure that information security can be promoted in your company and that you are well equipped for certification and testing processes, abat offers you consulting services in this area. Our consultants are licensed as an ISO 27001 auditor at DEKRA Certification GmbH. Years of experience and regular advanced training in this area ensure that we are guided by current standards. It is our goal to inform you of dangers in IT or to optimally prepare you for an exam.

Free initial consultation to analyze your needs

During the first consultation, you define your initial situation and we clarify the first questions. This appointment is free of charge and non-binding for you.

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