Guiding Principles

Talking to our customers

Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of our employees are our primary aim. This is because a real service provider offers more than just professional competence. This is particularly the case when it comes to matters as complex as SAP implementation or the integration of software into existing systems. We thus base our activities on constructive dialog with our customers. We focus on your sector and the associated special requirements.
Our consultants understand your viewpoint as well as your trade. Team spirit, social skills, and the exchange of information characterize our interaction with you as a customer as well as the working atmosphere at abat - ensuring maximum success on the basis of abat's guiding principles.

abat's guiding principles

Our main principle is to have confidence in other people and to treat each other with respect.

For our customers, abat means:

  • they have the best know-how available in the market in order to make their project’s implementation cost efficient.
  • that projects will be completed successfully.

For our employees, abat means:

  • freedom and coaching are found in balance.
  • constantly evolve.
  • that you can work in first-class conditions.
  • working under top conditions.
  • fun at work.
  • that they have responsibility through joint rights and responsibilities.
  • fair share according to the success of their work.

For the company itself, abat means:

  • we provided the highest quality.
  • we are constantly looking for innovations.
  • we operate globally.
  • we are one of the most successful within the market.

abat means for our partners:

  • we treat everyone fair and equal.
  • we view partners as partners and not just as suppliers.
  • together we solve the issues of our costumers.
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