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ID-Report Reporting Software

For efficient sustainability reporting

ID-Report supports companies and organizations of all sizes in the systematic collection and processing of distributed, unstructured data. ID-Report -

  • determines the sustainability performance of a company,
  • eliminates the error rate of data entry,
  • efficiencies are identified and instituted.

Through a common system all participants can collaborate, exchange information and work on the design of the report. Internal employees can participate in comprehensive sustainability reporting. As well as other locations, suppliers and also cross-company entities.

With ID-Report, we enable our customers to achieve comprehensive, efficient and consistent reporting.
ID-Report is not just a sustainability reporting solution. Whether energy management or project reporting - the potential for supporting manual and decentralized reporting processes is possible.


Our references are diverse. From food and textile companies to trading & retail, to port economies and teaching & research institutes – ID-Report supports a wide variety of companies across a range of industries to produce compliant and timely reports.


Advantages for customers

ID-Report is a sustainability-oriented reporting solution that enables metrics-based, manual, and remote data collection, and supports our customers in all reporting.

Plausibility check:
During the data collection, ID-Report checks the plausibility of all participants' input, on the basis of historical data. This increases data quality and drastically reduces the error rate.

Comprehensive overview and improved transparency in all processes:
All approvals, data collections, reporting and communication processes are always in view of our customers thanks to the integrated management functions. Outliers and risks can be detected early and eliminated.

Report review and standard compliance:
Reporting requirements result in extensive requirements for sustainability reports. ID-Report offers integrated sustainability standards that are regularly updated. This increases the legal certainty and the effort needed in the audit process drops significantly.

Create and publish reports with ID-Report:
With the integrated report editor, our customers create reports as interactive websites (microsite), which they can also publish directly from ID-Report. Also the ability to export as a Word-file or PDF are supported. Our customers have seen rich ROI benefits from much shorter publication processes.

Would you like to get to know us and our software solution ID-Report? Feel free to contact us and send us an e-mail to: info@id-report.de.

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