Smart Manufacturing


Plus is the all-in-one manufacturing execution system. As the central nervous system of your company, it contains the holistic control of your processes.

Scale your processes: Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing made by abat

Only invest in what you really need. abat Hybrid Cloud Manufacturing makes your system landscape future-proof. 

MES by abat - Smart manufacturing with PLUS and PLUS based on SAP

The abat MES supports your manufacturing process based on HPE NonStop or SAP with suitable solutions. Discover PLUS and PLUS based on SAP.

Our customers in the area of manufacture

Our SMARTsolution

Smart Manufacturing

Stay on top of things: Smart Manufacturing provides real-time information for your production, improving quality and reducing manual effort!

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Software Developer
St. Ingbert

Work is a big part of life's time and this time is precious. Therefore, I am very grateful to work at abat with people who enhance this time with their helpfulness, inspiring ideas and humanity.


Business Development
St. Ingbert

For me, working at abat means always being able to contribute my own ideas. In doing so, I can always count on the exchange with my colleagues.