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Think smart, think paperless: processes and products thought digitally made by abat

Long waiting times, gaps in the production process and even downtime in manufacturing. Particularly in discrete manufacturing, cost pressure and competition meet the increasing need for individuality and quality at the best price. Long cycles between innovations, long gaps between a model change or a lack of flexibility in dealing with the needs of customers end is a no go for today’s companies.

Thanks to abat manufacture’s solutions, this apparent balancing act can be achieved in the blink of an eye. An important milestone here Is the paperless support and documentation of the necessary processes–- from the sketch to the finished product.

Always in view: The entire process chain in real time and 100% digital

abat manufacture puts an end to paperwork, saves time and helps with optimization and quality assurance. In your paperless factory, all necessary information will be visualized in the right place in the future. At the same time, the person in charge of the plant, documents the respective processes and adds any necessary optimization requirements. Another advantage: availabilities, stock levels and associated raw material or material orders are updated in real time. In addition, the so-called digital twin ensures that work is carried out on the product with little effort and down to the smallest detail - without having to physically manufacture it. All steps not only conserve resources and the climate, but also meet the applicable standards in terms of process reliability. There many different possibilities with regard to your product.

The solutions from abat manufacture provide a location advantage in the truest sense of the word. Smart, convenient to operate and with a high degree of flexibility and stability, you can implement processes with

  • consistent, optimum quality
  • shorter intervals (e.g. for updates, whether for the controller or the product itself)
  • maximum control (before, during and after the process)
  • a high degree of agility and flexibility
  • high potencial in terms of cost optimization

All workplace-related necessities are visualized on user-friendly widgets for touchscreens and mobile devices. Digitized and implemented granularly at the point of action, employees concentrate on what is necessary in each case. Nevertheless, the entire process and its interrelationships remain synchronized. This means that changes at short notice can be integrated, and any bottlenecks can be prevented in good time - absolutely paperless.

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