Material Flow Management

Modeling, analysis and assessment of material flows

Production processes are always associated with measurable material and energy flows, which can be captured within the framework of material flow management. An operational material flow management allows you to identify inefficient processes and to reduce costs directly and measurably through resource management. This gives you an overview of the processes in your company that offer the greatest potential for energy and resource savings:

Material flow analyzes are a helpful tool for the situation analysis of individual processes and the simulation of planned modernizations.

With the help of your data, for example from production planning and control systems, we can model, analyze and evaluate the observed processes. In this way, negative environmental and social impacts of the processes can be identified and measures taken to remediate them. We use visual methods such as Sankey diagrams, as well instruments such as material flow costing to achieve the desired improvements.

Material flow management is an important component of environmental management systems

The often required site-specific review and assessment of the environmental impacts of your company can be carried out on the basis of the material flows and thus it can indicate where relevant material and energy flows must be considered.

By transferring to equivalence systems, the results of your material flow management can also be presented for the production of CO2 balances or consumer-friendly footprints (e.g. CO2, water, ecology). As well you can use the results of your material flow assessments in your sustainability reports.


Overview of our services for material flow management:

  • Basic consulting on material flow management and life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Displaying of possible applications for material flow management and LCA
  • Selection, implementation and training in material flow management software as well as the devel-opment of corresponding interfaces to existing software
  • Carrying out material flow analyzes - from individual production processes, through selected prod-ucts to entire organizations
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