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New Work at abat

New Work at abat - What is it?

The philosophy of New Work has been at the heart of our way of working since the company was founded in 1998. But it was developed and tested in a pilot held at the beginning of 2016. The idea is responsible cooperation, and it sprang from the experiences of the 4 founders of abat AG. Drawing from the experiences and lesson learned prior to founding abat, it taught them that rigid structures and rules can adversely limit the innovation and creativity of each employee.

Self-responsible action in the interests of the company

In order to promote innovation and creativity the abat AG team governs itself to empower employees and entitle them to make decisions on their own. Only a few rules are installed as "guardrails". These act as guidelines in the sense of: "In this area you can move. But please always think what makes the most sense". For example, consultants are encouraged to use "common sense" when organizing business trips. Each employee decides themselves which type of travel will be most appropriate: company car, train or flight. Because the value-adding work of the company takes place in the projects, the consultant must consider the cost or the travel as well as the time involved. Here it is important for us and our customers that each team member can optimally focus on value-adding tasks. And everyone decides for themselves, what helps to promote the achievement.

Self-responsible action in the interests of the customer

In the early years of the company's history, members of the executive board were selected as project managers. This automatically led to decisions being made within the projects efficiently and decisively. Today, though, members of management rarely work directly on the project, team members must adhere to the philosophy of New Work, To always be responsive in the interests of our customers, a basic prerequisite of project work is for team members must be self-responsible and act in a entrepreneurial manner. Every abat employee is therefore the contact person for our customers and can make decisions that bring the project to a successful conclusion quickly and successfully.

Successful New Work at abat

An illustrative example of this, working in alignment with the New Work philosophy, is a project at an automotive supplier from Upper Franconia with core competence in "Mechatronic systems for doors, seats and electric motors". A group of abat consultants and developers initiated all processes, everything from acquisitions, purchasing negotiations, contract conclusion, project execution, go-live and support negotiations, all on their own. The customer recognized the benefits of abat working in this fashion and the success of the project, so much so, that they reference the project as a true success story.

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