PTV xServer Business Connector

PTV xServer Business Connector

Optimization of routes thanks to geodata in SAP

If only knew where my potential customers and concentrations are located. Where field sales employees live. What the distance between two warehouses is. How many kilometers my customers have to travel to reach the destination. What is the catchment area covered by warehouses. Now you know it. Directly in your SAP system. Integrated...

Geographical information would ignite the turbo for your processes? But your SAP system does not have at the moment such information? Then you are in exactly right place. As with the help of the PTV xServer Business Connector for SAP of the PTV Group, we enable your SAP system for geo-coding, map illustration, distance determination and address verification.

Geographical requirements very frequently occur in SAP. Shipment cost settlement, transportation planning and transportation execution, master data - all of these require simple or complex geographical functions. A task being as simple as address verification or as complex as distance determination in the transportation planning and map display of the result – all these functionalities can only be provided at present by external parties as SAP itself does not offer any solution for this. Also, the SAP Transportation Management depends on the external GIS suppliers.

The PTV xServers provide such functionality and improve the accuracy of the above-mentioned geographical functions. The PTV xServer Business Connector for SAP brings the two together and saves time, money and your nerves. With the PTV xServer Business Connector for SAP, you can provide your system with geo-coding, routing, mapping and address verification without the effort of integration. Your ABAP developers can then use these functionalities in their programs via an easy-to-use framework.

Overview of the features and functions of PTV xServer Business Connector for SAP:

Technical connector:

An SAP System requires a technical connection to the PTV xServer for the use of GIS services. The technical connector provides all the functionalities and options of PTV xLocate, PTV xRoute and PTV xMap methods as well as the communication to the PTV xServer. No manual import of the WSDL file is needed. With the knowledge of PTV xServer API, your developers can have direct and full access to the communication of the PTV xServer.

Functional connector:

The functional connectors are supposed to provide your ABAP developers with the functions of PTX xLocate, PTV xRoute and PTV xMap without requiring them to build up knowledge of the PTV xServer API. The functional connectors use the technical connectors to establish a connection to the PTV xServer. The functions are thus encapsulated in ABAP interfaces, and they can be used quickly and simply in your applications.

determines the X/Y coordinates for individual locations, lists of addresses and even for POIs (Points of Interest) and makes them available for further processing like map screen or distance determination.

Address verification:
Verification of individual addresses, lists of addresses, POI lists or free text lists via the PTV xServer to ensure that your master data are checked and correct.

Distance determination:
You calculate the distances and durations between two or more points, taking into account the individual waypoints and with the optimal avoiding ferries or toll roads.

Complex route calculation:
You calculate the routes between two or more points, taking into account the options provided by PTV xServer.

Display of objects on the map:
You display the objects on the map, you represent the relationships, you interact with the objects displayed on the map. Based on SAP Visual Business.

Quickly implementable solutions:

SAP TM distance determination with Process Controller Integration
The solution makes the direct integration of geo-coding as well as distance and duration determination (DDD, Distance & Duration Determination) available for your SAP TM system. The PTV xServers can be used out-of-the-box without further implementation and need only to be activated in Customizing. The corresponding configuration manual guides you through the Customizing step by step. The solution integrates itself into the SAP TM system in such a way as it is provided by SAP TM Standard.

You want use the PTV xServer Business Connector for SAP? Or you desire further support in the field of geographical information systems and their connection to SAP?

Please contact us. We will kindly assist you!

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