Application Management

Application management is a matter of trust. Within the last 10 years, we have been developing, together with our customers, a cooperation model that is based on professional SAP expertise, detailed knowledge of the customer’s system and continuity among the people involved.

In AMS, requirements concerning the qualifications and availability of all employees are very high on the one hand, at the same time there is enormous pressure of rising costs on the other hand. With offices in Belarus and Mexico, we have developed and realised a concept that meets both these opposing requirements.Here we also cooperate with onsite service managers and nearshore support teams. We can thus combine customer presence with cost-optimised handling of tickets in nearshore. Support teams are assigned to the specified customer’s system. This is the only way to develop detailed system knowledge and experiences that are necessary for modern complex SAP applications.

abat offers application management services at a fixed monthly flat rate. The respective price depends on the duration of necessary induction at the customer’s, number of the sectors that abat will be responsible for as well as required service times. Talk to us – it will be our pleasure to make you an individual offer.

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