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SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) enables you to expand your SAP landscape quickly, securely and easily as well as allows the existing SAP FIORI applications to be used as mobile applications without requiring your own SAP landscape to be opened to the outside environment. Due to the underlying SAP HANA data base and with the help of SAP HCP Services, you can also create complex and computing-intensive applications without having to migrate your own SAP landscape to the SAP HANA.

Considerable extensibility

With many available services such as Mobile Services, IoT (Internet of Things) Services, Analytics Services or Spatial Services, your applications can be individually implemented as well as extended. It does no matter whether you „only“ use the SCP as a storage location for your mobile applications and connect them with your existing back end with the help of SAP Cloud Connector or whether you develop complex applications directly on the SCP.

Development and provision directly in the Cloud

With the SAP WebIDE, new cloud-based SAP development environment, you can create and extend your applications without local installations (eclipse or the like). This has made it far easier for multiple developers to work together on the same project, and the current version is always available to everybody. Using application templates, you can develop functionally rich and small cloud applications, which are also suitable for mobile devices, in just a few days or weeks.

Mobile Services

With SCP, the functionalities such as authentication process, a secure access to on-site and cloud systems, offline synchronization, control of the remote logins and data retrieval, automatic updates, push notifications and many more are easily integrated into your native or hybrid application.

Fast integration with the back end

With SAP Cloud Connector or with the SAP Cloud Integration, you can combine your on-premise solutions with your cloud applications secure, fast and stable.

As with all new technologies, there are the same questions: What is relevant to you? What generates true added value for your company? What technologies are needed to simplify the daily tasks of your staff? What technologies can be used to simplify and improve your processes or even to create entirely new processes?

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