Predictive Analytics

Predict the future of your business

Do you want to know the markets of tomorrow today? Is the data in your company distributed and not being used optimally? Are you also looking for a flexible addition to your existing business intelligence infrastructure? Do you want to act preventively instead of having to react to unforeseen events however, you don’t have the possibility to integrate prognoses and forecasts directly into your processes and applications?


Know already today the events of tomorrow

Predictive Analytics gives you the possibility to set the right course for the near future of your company. With predictive algorithms and machine learning approaches, you can optimize business processes, improve customer and user experience, discover unknown opportunities for your business, and identify risks that may be a threat in the future. This creates competitive advantages – through proactive rather than reactive action. SAP Predictive Analytics offers the possibility to integrate heterogeneous data sources or even technologies like Hadoop or Spark. In addition, you have the choice of using solutions both on-premise and cloud-based. Models and algorithms can be integrated via interfaces.

abat helps you to actively shape your future

abat consults with you and helps uncover your in-house data sources and prepare appropriate data for use in predictive models. Our expertise enables you to generate new insights from your data. And to gain this knowledge, we integrate predictive analytics into your processes and applications, or implement dashboards and reports for you, focusing on key performance indicators for the present and their future development.


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