With SAPUI5 and SAP FIORI, SAP focuses on significantly improved handling of your software. Since the beginning of 2015, abat has been developing SAP UI5 applications in close cooperation with SAP. We have developed a reference application for transport management with which SAP has invited the abat AG to join the acceleration program for SAP UI5.

Building on HTML5 – web technology standard since 2014 - SAP offers a web based possibility to execute your applications and reports as well as to display the data and analysis from the SAP system. Greater focus on web standard enables the SAP UI5 applications to be executed on all internet-capable devices regardless of the operating system.

The SAPUI5 applications are being developed in such a way that they can be automatically adjusted to the available space. For an optimum user experience, all elements on the user interface are automatically faded in or faded out, depending on the size of display. The main advantage this has is that the application only needs to be developed once and then can be equally used on a desktop PC or cell phone.

Figure 1 – application with cell phone view, Figure 2 –application with desktop view TM-ON-STREET.

Besides developing custom applications completely on their own, with FIORI, SAP offers a collection of SAP UI5 applications that already contains the typical applications. These FIORI applications can be adjusted to SAP and also to customer-specific enhancements.

If you have any questions on how to optimize your business processes with the help of SAP UI5 technologies, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to show you the infinite possibilities offered by SAP UI5.


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