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What does the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA include?

With SAP HANA, SAP offers the leading-edge platform for more transparent, flexible and agile carrying out business processes in an integrated fashion without system discontinuities and in real time. In a new in-memory appliance from the hard- and software, the data are stored in the much faster working memory instead of on the hard disk. Your ERP processes, which are already being used, can thus be used even more efficiently on an HANA data base. The HANA data base is the prerequisite for use of future functionalities.

What advantages does the use of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA offer to you?

Due to continuously growing information quantity and its resulting huge and complex data volumes (Big Data), the flexible, fast, safe and user-friendly processes become necessary for processing and evaluation of company data.

With the use of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, the analytical information system (OLAP) and online-transaction-processing (OLTP) have been combined. This means that an additional BW system can get obsolete as the evaluations access the data source directly in real time which results in new ways of preparing solutions. There is also the possibility to optimise performance-intensive processes - like batch processes, material requirements planning (MRP) etc.- in order to react better and more quickly to the current market changes.

How can abat help you get started with HANA technology?

abat will support you with personal advice in checking the necessary conditions for the implementation as well as in evaluation the potentials in your work processes at your facility. From the very start, abat will accompany you during preparing and using the deployment strategy as well as during introduction of the solution best suited to your needs through to the support and development of your processes. We gladly advice you on the following issues and implementation subjects:

  • Development an appropriate strategy for you as well as IT architecture,  
  • System consolidations and development of a roadmap,
  • Upcoming decisions on HANA investments within the framework of a business case,
  • Upgrade and migration of your existing SAP ERP components and applications to SAP HANA, including support when selecting a suitable hardware,
  • Optimizations of BW applications on HANA as well as performance optimizations,
  • Development of customers’ own applications on the HANA data base,
  • Optimization of ABAP source code with regard to the HANA conversion

We will be happy to show you all possibilities and potentials in a demo scenario oriented to your processes.  

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