SAP Solution Manager 7.2

The all-purpose Tool for your IT in the SAP environment

Do you envision a central tool that bundles all functionalities for your IT? Are you looking to stop your endless cycles for test management or your transportation jobs and envisioning documented business processes?

Let these strategies come true with the SAP Solution Manager! With this product from SAP, you have an ITIL-certified tool at your disposal, which can support you in almost all IT processes. SAP Solution Manager not only supports you during operation, but also as a guide to an S/4 HANA implementation. The interaction of the different integrated applications in the SAP Solution Manager enable you to structure and document in order to confidently and accurately manage an implementation project.

If you already have documentation of business processes, with this central platform you can not only store your business processes in a structured way, but also model graphical ones with the BPMN 2.0 editor! Don’t miss the opportunity to transform current processes to align with Best Practices, which is available in the Solution Manager.

With the test management you can. Not only automate your test cases, but also reduce the test effort. Extensive test analysis provides you with the latest status overviews.

The change management functionality allows you a complete and revision-proof documentation of changes. With these and other mechanisms, the SAP Solution Manager protects against unregulated handling of changes in your system landscape.

When looking for a ticket management system, you will find what you need with Incident Management in SAP Solution Manager, which can also be used as a wiki.

When analyzing your custom programs, Custom Code Management is at your disposal. Customer-specific developments are not only analyzed but also optimized. Unused custom developments can also be decommissioned.

With SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the new full-text search engine (Embedded Search) is always used. This can be combined with SAP HANA or with TREX based on a conventional database.

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