Strategic Sustainability Management

Strategic Sustainability management

To fulfill the challenges of the 21st century, the political, societal and thus economic conditions will change over the coming decades in the long term. The adoption of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as a global vision of sustainability, the establishment of the 2-degree target at the Paris Climate Summit and the introduction of mandatory CSR reporting for public-interest companies are just a few examples which make clear the increasing need for businesses to deal with their contribution to sustainable development. A strategic and structural anchorage of sustainability in the company is essential to counter challenges such as resource shortages and climate change, but also changed demands of customers, suppliers and employees. The formulation of Sustainability Vision and Strategy forms the basis for all further sustainability activities - from sustainability reporting, through material flow management to the selection of relevant certifications.

We support you with the holistic implementation of sustainability in your company and advise you on the components and instruments of sustainability management.

In the area of strategic sustainability consulting, we introduce the various components and instruments of a sustainability management and explain the respective advantages and the costs associated with the application. To determine your key sustainability issues, we analyze the contribution that your company can make to the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and take into account the demands of your internal and external stakeholders. We also create a situation analysis of your current social, economic and ecological activities. Moreover, we support you from an already existing or jointly developed strategy in the creation of relevant goals and measures. We also accompany you in the selection of suitable management approaches as well as the integration of relevant ecological, social and economic aspects into the existing management systems. This can be done in a themed manner, for example to build a sustainable supply chain, but also for the entire company. Building on these steps, you can use a strategic sustainability management to improve your company's sustainability performance. To make the degree of goal achievement measurable and the process transparant and controlable, we also support you in the determination and selection of the relevant key figures and in the implementation of an internal management information system.


An overview of our services for strategic sustainability consulting:

  • Strategic basic consulting
  • General training / awareness raising on sustainability
  • Carrying out stakeholder analyzes through interrogations and interviews
  • Carrying out situation analyzes of ecological, economic and social activities
  • Selection of appropriate management systems as well as integration of relevant ecological, social and economic aspects into existing management systems
  • Integration into existing quality and risk management
  • Support for the development and maintenance of knowledge networks on sustainability
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