Sustainability Reporting

Preparation, data analysis and conception of sustainability reports

Sustainability reporting extends traditional financial reporting to include social, environmental and other economic aspects. In addition, sustainability reports provide information on the management approaches of relevant topics, giving a holistic insight into the development of the company. By cap-turing and providing non-financial metrics, companies can effectively adapt to the new challenges, improve their reputation, and meet the changing information needs of their stakeholders.

We consult you on the design and preparation of sustainability reports - from the first idea to the repeated publication.

Within the framework of a fundamental consulting, we will provide you with general information on sustainability reporting as well as legal regulations and various standards in this area. We support you both in the preparation of materiality analyzes and in the selection of suitable key figures. Modern IT systems reduce the effort required for data provisioning and subsequent reporting. We support you with the selection and implementation of suitable software, data acquisition in existing ERP systems and the development of possible interfaces. Through training, we ensure that all parties involved are proficient in the process and the associated software and thus we improve the process and data quality. We also support you in the selection of the appropriate form of the publication and accompany you until the publication of your sustainability report. Are you affected by mandatory CSR reporting? We help you then to prepare your respective management report.


Overview of our sustainability reporting services:

  • Basic consulting on sustainability reporting, guidelines and legislation
  • Selection of relevant non-financial key figures
  • Support in obtaining the necessary data and the implementation of necessary processes
  • Selection and adaptation of appropriate IT systems, training and interface development to existing systems
  • Preparation of complete sustainability reports
  • Determination of improvement potentials by critical reviews
  • Evaluation and optimization of existing sustainability reporting processes
  • Integration and preparation of cross-company reports
  • Development of Integrated Reporting Structures
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