Control Transport Processes Transparently and Proactively


Maintain a full overview of your road transport with TM-ON-STREET and significantly increase the transparency of your transport process for your fleet or outsourced transport services.  Route events, such as loading and unloading at the customer location, can be systematically recorded and continuously monitored. Distinguish between events, expected such as arriving at your customer or unexpected, such as delayed delivery as a result of a traffic congestion or accident. This direct feedback from your driver provides you the opportunity to respond in real time and initiate routing adjustments where needed and necessary (e.g. adapt the current route planning). The dispatcher can proactively manage and improve processes as a result.

Concurrently, TM-ON-STREET provides the driver with all the important information about their route at a glance. In addition, make your transport process operate smoothly with the digitalization of accompanying transport documents and related information, such as details about the unloading site or unloading (ETA) time at the customer.

Drivers can also transmit proof of delivery or damage reports directly from their mobile device, as well as give feedback on expected and unexpected events. These reports can be documented with associated photos from the device camera. All information is saved to the freight order or freight unit, ensuring that it is correctly assigned. With the receipt of the goods fully confirmed, the TM-ON-STREET can trigger “proof of delivery“ follow-up activities. For example, the associated freight invoicing documents can be created in SAP Transport Management (SAP TM) and subsequently delivered to the appropriate individual, unit or customer.

The offline functionality of TM-ON-STREET ensures that the driver is able to use the app and record data even when no Internet connection is available. This protects data entry while continuing to facilitate a driver’s workflow in route. All data is synchronized with the SAP TM system once the device is reconnected with the internet.

Techincals Details

TM-ON-STREET has been developed as a hybrid app based on SAPUI5. As a result, it can be used on all devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. Superior responsive design ensures the app interface dynamically responds to any display size, including various sized phones, tablets etc.

A technical prerequisite for the use of TM-ON-STREET is the use of SAP Transport Management (SAP TM) and SAP Event Management (SAP EM). Customers who purchase the solution automatically receive authorization to use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This establishes the basis for offline synchronization as well as push notifications from your dispatcher to your driver. The SAP Cloud Platform is operated through SAP in your own data centers, ensuring data security. The encrypted connection between the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and your SAP TM back-end system is ensured through the SAP Cloud Connector.

Functions at a Glance

  • Continuous Monitoring of Routes
  • Active Control of Transport Processes
  • Start Subsequent Processes According to Defined Event Feedback
  • Intuitive Operation for Driver
  • Standardized Communication Between Schedulers and Drivers
  • Optional Integration with PTV Navigator Truck


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