abat is Top Job Employer of the Year 2023!

Openness, honesty, respect, and teamwork: "At abat, employee satisfaction is a top priority; we see ourselves as a free-space company," says our co-founder and board member Gyde Wortmann. The Center for Employer Attractiveness zeag in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen has now confirmed that these are not just empty words, but lived reality. In the "Top Job 2023" ranking, we came first in our company category - after coming second in 2021.

We continue to receive high praise for our concept with a lot of personal responsibility and fun at work, even from politicians. "abat is a driving force in the up-and-coming digital industry in our city and a shining example of modern working beyond the city limits," says Bremen's mayor Andreas Bovenschulte about our company.

All colleagues have a great deal of freedom in their work and have a great deal of say in operational processes. Instead of rigid rules and long coordination processes, we rely on mutual trust, personal responsibility, and self-direction.

"For years, abat has been one of the best employers," says Heike Bruch, Professor of Leadership and Director of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen and scientific director of Top Job. According to her, abat is particularly successful in creating a work environment that is worth living in, healthy and characterized by appreciation. "Our studies show that good employers should know what the working climate in their company is like," says Bruch. "Qualified feedback from employees is the basis for a strong, crisis-resistant corporate culture."

The Top Job 2023 ranking is based on a regular and comprehensive survey of our employees conducted by the University of St. Gallen. And a look at the results report is impressive: We always come out on top in all assessment criteria, in some cases by a wide margin over the average of all the companies surveyed. For example, the colleagues praise a corporate and communication culture in which all figures and decisions are transparent for everyone and in which common sense and personal responsibility play an important role.

abat forms a "big, warm family" in which everyone involved can express their opinion and contribute criticism and ideas, according to the anonymous answers of the respondents. Organizational processes can be shaped by the employees themselves, and can be changed and optimized again and again as needed. And with around 20 percent of our workforce made up of trainees and university graduates, we play an important role in promoting young talent and supporting future specialists in their first steps on the career ladder.

For co-founder Gyde, this year's success is an incentive: "This first place confirms that we are on the right track. Enthusiastic employees are the key to satisfied customers and thus to the success of our company.

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