WheelBird made by abat puts you in pole position.

"From O to O!" - Whether seasonal or during the year, changing wheels and tires is one of the basics of the workshop business. And this business has quite a profile. With around 45 million consumer tires sold in 2022 (source: Statista), the industry brings relevant revenue to the road.

At the same time, this business brings with it a relevant cost, time, and safety factor. The wheel changing process ties up personnel and has the potential for error. With WheelBird made by abat, you can get this process on track - and your business on the fast track.

The WheelBird process briefly - from arrival to departure. Safe, fast and in real time

Because wheel assembly is all about precision. WheelBird supports you from the beginning of the service process with your customer. Whether trainee or master craftsman - the system guides you step by step through the wheel change process. Thanks to the intelligent database, all relevant parameters are available at the click of a button. From target torque to the appropriate tire data, WheelBird provides you with all information from a single source. The advantage is obvious: You concentrate on a quick wheel change while WheelBird takes over the process, feedback, and documentation.

This reduces the susceptibility to errors and ensures an optimal result for your customer. The highlight: By using WheelBird, you are also on the safe side in errors from trainees. Errors during assembly are simply and effectively reduced.

Talk with us about the features of the innovative torque technology made by abat. And get your vehicles on the road safely and effectively for everyday work - with WheelBird.

The advantages of WheelBird made by abat:

  • Intelligent database (with target torque suggestions and tire data).
  • Intuitive mounting guidance in simple steps
  • Real-time data acquisition, feedback, and documentation
  • Error reduction and higher quality standard with automation
  • 20% reduction of  personnel workload due to time savings compared to conventional wheel assembly process

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