Our trends in manufacture

Go live. Work more productively and effectively with Paperless Factory by abat manufacture.

More production, less administration. Even today, many processes in different industries are only partially digitized. In many cases, only around 30 percent is used in production. A lot of time is spent searching, finding, correcting or archiving. This can be done better. The solution: Paperless Factory made by abat manufacture.

Everything in view. Track processes, ensure quality - with abat manufacture

From the correct use of resources to legal documentation requirements: without consistent, seamless traceability, highly complex systems are no longer feasible today. abat manufacture guarantees traceability in your production - quickly and stably.

Our customers in the area of manufacture


Software Developer
St. Ingbert

Work is a big part of life's time and this time is precious. Therefore, I am very grateful to work at abat with people who enhance this time with their helpfulness, inspiring ideas and humanity.


Business Development
St. Ingbert

For me, working at abat means always being able to contribute my own ideas. In doing so, I can always count on the exchange with my colleagues.