Project Management

Good tools are half the work - Innovative tools for your project work

The last project in your company did not go well?
You want better documented results and decisions with more effective control?

Do you want to formulate binding goals and define processes in a practice-oriented way? In general, are you striving to save costs and adhere to time constraints in your project work?

Cut specifically to effective project management

The following tools help you achieve high-quality results in project work.

 These tools also integrate seamlessly with the SAP Activate methodology.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2:
Intelligent IT Management from the Start

During the entire lifecycle of your solution, SAP Solution Manager supports you in requirements management, system documentation, and project coordination. The functional scope of Solution Manager 7.2 also includes business-oriented process documentation in BPMN 2.0 format, test management and project management functionalities. With the SAP Focused Build add-on, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 also supports agile process models in implementation.

Solution Builder:
Transparency right from the start

With the help of the Solution Builder, best-practice processes are activated on your S4/HANA system at the beginning of the project. This makes it possible to build a prototyping system very quickly and to conduct process workshops in the conception phase directly on a prototype system. The "blind" description of target processes in extensive blueprint documents is thus replaced by a direct view into the future system. Project participants gain access to an SAP system at a very early stage, with which they will also work later.

Best Practice Explorer:
Finding the perfect process

Finding the right process is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. In the Best Practice Explorer, SAP provides numerous processes for all areas of your company that have proven their worth. The portfolio is continuously expanded and contains, in addition to the activatable demo process, ready-made process and test documentation.

The use of the appropriate best practice processes reduces the volume of in-house developments to a minimum and thus saves you development and maintenance costs as well as project time. Since abat consultants know the required best practice spectrum in your industry, customized processes are possible with a minimum of development.

Process Modeling with BPMN:
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is especially true for process workshops. In line with the functionalities of Solution Manager 7.2, we use BPMN 2.0 notation to graphically represent your future processes. Our consultants are skilled in using this notation, currently the only format accepted as an ISO standard (ISO/IEC 19510:2013).

SAP Build:
App prototyping at your fingertips

SAP Build enables the design of interfaces for the targeted optimization of the user experience. This means that prototypes are also available for initial tests at an early stage in the implementation phase. Transparency increases and users can promptly influence the design of the interfaces. This results in a user-oriented and ergonomic system.

abat helps you manage your project and complete it in the best possible way

The specialists at abat are very familiar with many project tools. This familiarity ensure a smooth implementation and optimal use of these tools.abat ensures that your projects are carried out effectively and completed optimally with a high level of transparency and with early involvement of users and unique departments. Organize your project management according to the latest standards and benefit from the experience of our experts.

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At abat, thanks to the great variety of projects, I have the opportunity to constantly expand my horizons and thus always be prepared for upcoming challenges.


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Through abat, I have been able to develop personally and get to know the practice better. I always have the opportunity to learn new and exciting things, through which I constantly grow beyond myself.


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WORK-LIFE-BALANCE is very important at abat. Thanks to flexible working hours and a great team, you can combine work and university very well.


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Despite the professionalism that abat AG displays to the outside world, it became clear to me during my first few days that this does not have to be a contradiction to fun, friendliness and relaxed interaction among colleagues. The flat hierarchies ensured that I felt comfortable as an intern and like a full member of the team right from the start.