Fast conversion to SAP S/4HANA with the abat Conversion Accelerator

Are you planning to switch to S/4HANA?

  • They want to benefit from the innovations of S/4HANA.
  • You want to quickly migrate to the new S/4HANA platform and subsequently use it for continuous innovation cycles.
  • The existing SAP system with organizational structures and processes is to be largely retained.
  • You need transparency and planning certainty for conversion as the first step in the changeover.

The abat S/4HANA Conversion Accelerator

  • After completion of the Accelerator project, you have 100% transparency about
    • the concrete implementation steps for your S/4HANA conversion,
    • the implementation period,
    • required resources and costs.
  • You can start with the conversion immediately afterwards.
  • You have a sound plan to complete your conversion project in time + budget.
  • You have created all the conditions to implement the project in a structured manner and in the shortest possible time.

abat is one of the leading SAP service providers for the automotive and manufacturing industries in Germany.

The abat S/4HANA Conversion Accelerator bundles our knowledge of existing SAP systems as well as our experience and tools from numerous S/4HANA conversion projects.

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Here's how we do it:

  • Tool-supported analysis of your system with regard to prerequisites for S/4HANA conversion.
  • Tool-supported "deep check" of the existing custom code.
  • Evaluation of results and derivation of implementation steps by abat expert network.


We deliver these results:

  • Final confirmation of technical feasibility.
  • Detailed implementation planning (epics on the timeline).
  • Creation of a backlog down to the task level.
  • Possible innovation potential, specific to the system and processes under study.

Already from fixed price 25.000* €

* Reference price with a SAP system, binding offer after a preliminary discussion.

Contact our SAP S/4HANA experts

Tobias Plaha
Senior Consultant
+49 421 43046-0
Henrik Lienstromberg
+49 421 430460

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I like working at abat because there is a very pleasant, appreciative working atmosphere here with a lot of freedom. There is a lot of trust, so you also have the freedom to try out something new - but if it doesn't work out, there is also the necessary support. That's how I've learned so much! In addition, if you have problems while working in the home office, you can often quickly find colleagues who are happy to help you out via teams.


Senior SAP Developer

At abat, thanks to the great variety of projects, I have the opportunity to constantly expand my horizons and thus always be prepared for upcoming challenges.


Internal Service

Through abat, I have been able to develop personally and get to know the practice better. I always have the opportunity to learn new and exciting things, through which I constantly grow beyond myself.


Working student
St. Ingbert

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE is very important at abat. Thanks to flexible working hours and a great team, you can combine work and university very well.


Student apprentice

Despite the professionalism that abat AG displays to the outside world, it became clear to me during my first few days that this does not have to be a contradiction to fun, friendliness and relaxed interaction among colleagues. The flat hierarchies ensured that I felt comfortable as an intern and like a full member of the team right from the start.