Information Security Officer (ISB) / Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

What are the tasks of an IT security officer or information security officer (ISB) and why do you need this person?

An information security officer is the central point of contact and coordination for IT security and information security in the company. The tasks range from the creation of various security guidelines to the performance of audits and risk analyses,

review of security incidents and training of employees to the establishment and operation of an information security management system (ISMS). In the process there is cooperation with management, IT manager and the data protection officer.

Why should you hire an external Information Security Officer (ISB)? 

Often, the workload involved in operating an ISMS cannot be performed by a single employee, especially if employees are to perform the task in addition to their main job. As an information security officer, there may even be a conflict of interest if the responsible person is an IT manager, managing director, or administrator. Thus, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, hiring an external information security officer is a cost-effective alternative compared to providing an internal one. To avoid problems, you can hire abat as an external information security officer. You are also welcomed to arrange a consulting contingent with us if you would like to draw on our broad range of knowledge and experience as an internal information security officer and benefit from our efficient methods.

Why should you choose abat?

To ensure that information security can be advanced in your company and that you are well prepared for certification and auditing processes, offers you consulting services in this area. Our consultants are appointed as ISO 27001 auditors by DEKRA Certification GmbH.

Years of experience and regular training in this area ensure that we follow the current standards. Our goal is to point out dangers in IT or to optimally prepare you for an audit.

Our customers in the area protect


ISMS Consultant

For me, abat is: fun, exciting projects - great customers and colleagues packed into a respectful and trusting atmosphere with plenty of room for continuous development!


Consultant, Contract Management, Education

What I appreciate so much about abat is the respectful interaction with each other; the trust that is given; the many opportunities to develop and grow; the wonderful friendships that have developed over the years and, of course, the joy and variety of the work.


ISMS Senior Consultant

At abat, I have the freedom to shape my work as I see fit.


ISMS Senior Consultant

For me, abat is synonymous with limitless opportunities and a sustainable corporate culture


ISMS Senior Consultant

I have never worked in such a self-determined and self-reliant way as in this team. Love it.

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