CSRD - Compliance with EU reporting requirements

Sustainability is mandatory - our solution is intelligent: CSRD-Ready

You need to review your compliance on the topic of sustainability and are not sure whether you meet the requirements of the CSR directive?
Do you want to have all the necessary data to perform accurate and comprehensive non-financial reporting for your annual reports and develop a sustainability strategy tailored to your company's specific needs?

Do you want to ensure that you have an effective reporting process that allows you to track progress on your sustainability strategy and foster a strong sustainability culture in your company where your employees can align themselves with sustainability goals & practices?

What do you?
  • Analyze the company's current sustainability performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Assist in the development of a sustainability strategy and implementation measures that address the company's key sustainability issues.
  • Develop management and reporting structures to monitor and evaluate the company's sustainability performance.
  • Training and coaching of company executives and employees on sustainability and CSR.
  • Supporting the integration of sustainability into corporate strategy and business processes.
  • Consulting and support to meet requirements of the CSR directive.

CSRD-Ready provides an effective sustainability strategy that is aligned with CSRD requirements. 

CSRD-Ready provides practical support for data collection. 

CSRD-Ready provides customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. 

CSRD compliant:
CSRD-Ready provides comprehensive compliance support to ensure that your organization meets the requirements of CSRD.

We deliver these results:

  • Comprehensive CSRD consulting
  • Analysis of the company's sustainability performance
  • Identification of key sustainability issues
  • Development of a sustainability strategy and implementation measures
  • Creation of management and reporting structures to monitor and evaluate sustainability performance and establish CSRD-compliant reporting.

Our Success Stories


Thanks to abat's CSRD-Ready consulting solution, PETROFER has embedded sustainability in its integrated management system in just 9 months. Read about the strategic steps for implementation and the impressive results - including proactive adaptation to future legal requirements - and find out how sustainable growth and compliance were ensured through trustworthy partnerships and targeted measures.

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Save time and improve data quality with ID-Report
TAKKT AG reorganizes data collection process

Improving the quality and completeness of data is essential for sustainable performance improvement and goal attainment. External product and supplier information as well as internal company data are crucial for assessing sustainability performance. To minimize the complexity of the data collection…

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Fenix Outdoor International AG

Fenix Outdoor is a signatory of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on behalf of its brands and retailers, and is committed to making a positive contribution to the UN goals for sustainable development. As an accredited member of the Fair Labour Association, the company places great emphasis on ensuring health and safety in the supply chain and further promoting fair working conditions.…

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bremenports has been operating the infrastructure of Bremen's ports on behalf of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen since January 2002. With 390 employees, bremenports is represented in Bremen and Bremerhaven. In this success story you can read how ID-Report can be used in medium-sized companies and leads to measurable results.

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Our customers in the area of sustain

Our product: ID-Report

For efficient sustainability reporting

With ID-Report, we enable our customers to achieve comprehensive, efficient and consistent reporting.
ID-Report is not just a sustainability reporting solution. Whether energy management or project reporting - the potential for supporting manual and decentralized reporting processes is possible.

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Senior Consultant

The agility of a start-up with the possibilities of a corporation - in and with abat you can take responsibility and create sustainability

Here we are committed to more sustainability

If you would like to learn more about our own efforts to become a more sustainable company, you can find our understanding of corporate responsibility and our respective Communication on Progress for the United Nations Global Compact here. You can also find more measures and opportunities with which we support the transformation to sustainability here:

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