Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA automates processes quickly, easily maintainable, and without changing the affected systems - by replicating a user's activities on the user interface.

RPA is used for repetitive, manual, time-consuming or error-prone processes.

RPA bots create free space for your employees

Far too often, companies still have processes that have to be performed manually by employees on a regular basis, even though they meet all the requirements for automated implementation:

They are rule-based have a digitized data input always run according to the same pattern. Often, several systems or applications are involved, e.g. an SAP financial system, a web-based system and a Microsoft Office system such as Excel or PowerPoint.

These activities not only tie up valuable time of your employees, but can also have an impact on motivation. In addition, there is a risk of mistakes being made or tasks not being completed in a timely manner.

Low-code approach accelerates implementation

The reason why such processes are often still done by hand: there are simply too few experts with the appropriate IT expertise to automate the large number of individual processes.

Often, IT professionals are tied up in large, often strategic projects, or it is simply not worthwhile to create elaborate individual programming for individual manual processes.

Instead of using complex programs and interfaces to translate business logic into code, RPA developers and users need only map the process with the RPA software. The bots created using RPA simulate the actions of an employee on the user interfaces of the affected systems.  This does not change the systems themselves - and eliminates the risk of disrupting ongoing operations.

This is where the decisive advantages of RPA come into play

RPA offers the ability to automate processes quickly and without extensive programming knowledge, and to adapt to changing circumstances as needed. The results:

  • Efficiency and cost savings
  • Process stability and error minimization
  • Short response times and fast turnaround 24/7
  • Dynamic and flexible end-to-end automation
  • Higher employee satisfaction

The use of RPA is also closely monitored by our management. RPA frees up our employees from monotonous repetitive tasks for more important activities - so we can continue to grow despite the shortage of skilled workers.

Adrian Dexheimer,Head of Shared Services & Software Development at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS

A holistic RPA strategy to assure success

Creating bots is one of the steps on your path to digitalization. To obtain sustainable value and long-term growth, a strategic RPA vision is needed.

We help you to consider different dimensions to achieve success.

  • Intelligent automation as a building block of the digitalization strategy.
  • Creating your own Process Discovery & Evaluation tools.
  • Tools for process evaluation in terms of benefits and suitability.
  • Promote a collaborative approach between Business and IT for the creation of the bot.
  • Review with regard to expected benefits.
  • Consideration of technical innovations in the RPA context.
Daily operation
  • Offering support on daily Bot operation.
  • Maintaining a secure flexible Bot management environment.
  • Assuring a long-term IT RPA strategy.

First start with the RPA Starter Package

You would like to learn more about the use of RPA, identify potentials and test the technology in a first proof of concept with a process from your company?
Then we recommend our RPA Starter Package.

We work together with various leading RPA vendors and advise you on the selection of the most suitable platform for you.

You already have first experiences with RPA and need support for further scaling?

We support you with the next steps and the further implementation.

Our partners

Our Success Story

Volkswagen de México

abat and Volkswagen de México are working together on Automating High Value Operative Processes through Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Technology.
In 2021, Volkswagen de México and abat initiated the creation of logic robots (bots) that release administrative, logistic and production teams from manual repetitive activities within its processes.

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