Making your IT landscape future ready

Is your IT landscape outdated and too slow?

Legacy technologies, security risks, inefficient processes, poor scalability, lack of integration, complexity, and high maintenance costs lead to the following challenges:

  • Systems are expensive to customize and maintain
  • Legacy systems hinder the digitalization of your production
  • System failures reduce efficiency and results - threatening your competitiveness
  • Your IT costs are exploding

Are you wondering what the roadmap to a modern IT landscape might look like?

The abat "Legacy to Future IT Landscape Evaluation" provides you with transparency about

  • Your future IT system landscape
  • The comparison of current and future system characteristics
  • The concrete implementation steps for your future IT landscape
  • The implementation time and resources required

abat specializes in digital high-availability solutions for the complex manufacturing industry, for production control, production planning and quality management.

The transformation of legacy systems and various cloud services are strong points of abat's IT experts.

The goal: to open the door to tomorrow today.

    This is how we proceed:

    • Workshop with IT and specialist department to analyze your IT infrastructure and application landscape
    • Classification of your applications into maturity levels (Level 1-4), together with you
    • Assessment of risks and optimization potential
    • Development of possible scenarios

    We deliver these results:

    • Risk Analysis of existing systems
    • Migration or modernization strategy
    • Opportunities and potential of proposed technologies
    • Possibilities and potential of the proposed technologies
    • Roadmap with timelines and cost estimates
    • A clear picture of the next steps in the transformation to a modern IT infrastructure and application landscape

    From a fixed price of US $9,000.00*

    *based on a maximum of 9 days including workshop

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    Legacy to Future

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    Our Success Stories

    Schnellecke Logistics

    Virtual reality in automotive processes

    Virtual reality training at Schnellecke Logistics USA. Joint development of a prototype scenario for a repackaging process in the automotive industry.

    to the project

    Audi México

    Use of VR training

    Interview with Juan Pablo Moreno, Process Planning and Logistic Information (M/PL-11) at Audi México about the development of a prototype for a safety process in the automotive industry.

    to the project

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