Developing a sustainable future - PLM as an enabler for sustainable products and companies

Sustainability has long since established itself as a value component in most companies. And changing social awareness is changing demand. New products should be more environmentally friendly, and a high proportion of the raw materials and materials used should be recyclable and reusable. Stricter legal regulations will increase the pressure on companies in the coming years.

    The decisive factor will then be how companies accept and implement the challenges. In order to survive in a dynamically changing world in the future and ensure the availability of increasingly scarce resources, it will be fundamental to focus on sustainability as a central task as early as the product development stage.

    Only a consistent product process that ensures traceability of product data helps to meet the challenges of a transformation to a sustainable future.

    If complete data is available at any point in the product life cycle, enabling monitoring of defined sustainability targets and providing meaningful KPIs, the achievement of sustainability targets can be verified.

    As a company, this puts you in a position to make targeted decisions from the product definition onwards. Already during the development of a product, approx. 80% of the determining sustainability factors are influenced. Changes in the later design of the products are transparent at any time and can be taken into account.

    Sustainable products and overall a sustainable company may require the adaptation of the previous way of working. PLM supports the transformation to a digital organization throughout. Through the right awareness and with prepared organization, a basis for the resilience of your company is created.

    Together with our experts for sustainability management we support you in the transformation for a sustainable future.

    Our success story

    Volkswagen AG

    Product data network across systems and brands

    In a PLM project at our customer Volkswagen, product data was networked across systems and brands. Read the case study to learn how you can get project status at the touch of a button.

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    Our SMARTsolution


    The PLMeter from abat was developed on the basis of years of PLM project experience and makes the need for action visible within a very short time.

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