Smart Manufacturing with PLUS and PLUS based on SAP - one universe, two worlds, all possibilities

No matter what your starting point in the IT infrastructure is: abat supports you with the optimal solution for the perfect path into your entrepreneurial future. We are the pacemaker for your success, not only in multi-variant manufacturing.

Seamlessly embedded in your SAP environment or completely independent with HPE Nonstop: abat is the answer to all your IT questions. Discover the most important features and characteristics of PLUS and PLUS based on SAP for truly smart manufacturing. 

PLUS by abat - Performance and stability for your complex production

Integrated process control. PLUS is our powerful Manufacturing Execution System based on HPE NonStop. If you want to initiate, manage, and optimally control complex processes, PLUS gives you perfect control over all processes - across plants, whether local or global. HPE NonStop is a strong partner for high reliability even with high work cycles and batch size 1.

This makes PLUS by abat a secure basis for the entire customer order process. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables the mapping of interrelated modules from the individual services - directly in the backend or as a microserver in the cloud. PLUS is the central, fail-safe nervous system with perfect control over all interrelated orders and processes. 

The most important features of PLUS by abat  

  • Fast availability, simple integration 
  • Powerful and fail-safe 
  • Real-time operation 
  • Low maintenance requirements 
  • Optimal project, system and employee management 
  • Expandable 
  • Optimizable through current cloud services 

PLUS based on SAP by abat - Seamless integration into your SAP landscape - flexible and powerful

The explosion in costs for raw materials, infrastructure and personnel is creating major challenges in discrete manufacturing. At the same time, the market is responding with a growing desire for individuality. Standardization on the one hand meets agile, changeable manufacturing on the other. The intelligent factory will set the tone more than ever before. The paperless factory as a signal for an environmentally friendly strategy and the countless smart features as an expression of modern, future-proof manufacturing make PLUS based on SAP the partner at your side.

Based on SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver, you can cost-effectively design your process control by accessing existing systems and easily integrating new modules. Expensive development, maintenance or programming costs are a thing of the past.

Strong arguments for using PLUS based on SAP

  • The perfect solution for your SAP ecosystem 
  • Integrable (e.g. into your existing store system) 
  • Flexible configuration instead of costly development 
  • High performance, even at high duty cycles 
  • Time is money: Fast expansion (time-to-market process) 
  • Sustainable, through process optimization and paperless production 

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Stay on top of things: Smart Manufacturing provides real-time information for your production, improving quality and reducing manual effort!

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