The industry in upheaval

Especially in times of disruptive change, it is important that IT processes can be quickly adapted to changing requirements - brought about by digital transformation, for example. As SAP specialists, we help make your company fit for change.

By standardizing your core processes, a migration to the new SAP S/4HANA platform and the resulting opportunities for digitalization.

Our range of services

Whether single-item, series or variant production - we know our customers' processes. Our consultants cover the complete spectrum of end-to-end processes in discrete manufacturing. From product creation to inbound and outbound supply chain, intra-plant logistics, production, after-sales and billing processes, we can support you. Of course, we can also support you with cross-sectional functions such as purchasing, finance/controlling and quality management.

  • Specialists in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), especially in the environment of iPPE and PVS
  • Control of the logistic supply of plants
  • Establishment and monitoring of international templates
  • 24/7 application management services for international systems
  • Integration of SAP solutions in complex, heterogeneous customer landscapes
  • MES solution PLUS as the only standardized complete solution for complex variant production to date, as an alternative and supplement to SAP production control.

Fit for change

Flexible production processes in the context of agile, changeable manufacturing and assembly - entirely in the sense of the smart factory - are differentiators in competition that provide a decisive advantage. Effective information control in manufacturing, through product-related, visual worker guidance as well as seamless data flow between ERP, MES applications and the store floor also hold great potential.

Benefit from our SAP and MES expertise:

  • Cost reduction through standardization and homogenization of the software landscape
  • Shortening of time-to-market through simple integration of new product variants
  • Process optimization and resource conservation through more transparency and traceability when using KPI dashboards
  • Adapting production to individual products through supplier integration and supply chain optimization

All-round service - from strategy to support

The neutrality and competence of our consultants in process analysis are highly recognized by our customers. Credibility, thorough process analysis and knowledge transfer ensure the success of our projects.

Our abat consultants

  • develop implementation strategies, customer-specific SAP processes as well as IT architectures for all industries,
  • develop roadmap and template approaches for fast, smooth implementation,
  • offer application management and
  • Adhere to budgets and schedules based on sound project and program management

Deep industry and process knowledge

Since 1998 abat has been consulting customers in the area of discrete manufacturing. Our many projects, especially in the automotive industry, but also with shipyards, machine builders, etc., show our deep knowledge for relevant processes within these industries.

Automotive manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, but also Atlas Elektronik, MV shipyards, Recaro, Rheinmetall and many others trust our expertise.

Contact our discrete manufacturing experts

Markus Fischer
Senior Consultant
+49 421 430460
Henrik Lienstromberg
+49 421 430460

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Our customers in the area of discrete manufacturing



I like working at abat because there is a very pleasant, appreciative working atmosphere here with a lot of freedom. There is a lot of trust, so you also have the freedom to try out something new - but if it doesn't work out, there is also the necessary support. That's how I've learned so much! In addition, if you have problems while working in the home office, you can often quickly find colleagues who are happy to help you out via teams.


Senior SAP Developer

At abat, thanks to the great variety of projects, I have the opportunity to constantly expand my horizons and thus always be prepared for upcoming challenges.


Internal Service

Through abat, I have been able to develop personally and get to know the practice better. I always have the opportunity to learn new and exciting things, through which I constantly grow beyond myself.


Working student
St. Ingbert

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE is very important at abat. Thanks to flexible working hours and a great team, you can combine work and university very well.


Student apprentice

Despite the professionalism that abat AG displays to the outside world, it became clear to me during my first few days that this does not have to be a contradiction to fun, friendliness and relaxed interaction among colleagues. The flat hierarchies ensured that I felt comfortable as an intern and like a full member of the team right from the start.