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PLM @ abat - Increasing efficiency through digital transformation

Is the flow of information between your company’s divisions consistent and effective? Which process steps are really supported by your PLM software? At which points are there ways to automate and standardize the process? Is your product data redundant in PLM and ERP? What should IT systems do to optimally support your company in the digital transformation?

PLM is not IT - PLM is process

Digitization is changing the world of product data. More important than the optimal representation of product information in a system is the continuous networking of information from sales, development, production, after-sales and customer service. In contrast to linking distributed digital models within a federatedsemantic network, a separate PLM system is more inefficient. That's why PLM projects are not IT projects but process projects. The key to efficiency enhancement lies in optimal collaboration between the company’s separate divisions and the consistency of product data in the software products it uses. In particular, the manufacturing efficiency requires a special strategy to connect the MES with business systems such as ERP and PLM.

PLM @ abat supports you on the path of digital transformation

One of abat's core competences is cross-sector process consulting with the aim to achieve a consistent data flow via PLM, ERP and MES. This includes not only the process analysis and the solutions derived from it, but – equally important – the support of the change processes in your company. In addition to solutions for improving the consistency of processes, we offer software solutions for PLM (Teamcenter), ERP (SAP) and MES (plus). We introduce our project experience which was gained from many years of the consulting to well-known OEMs on their business processes. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with more detailed information about our reference customers and projects.

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