Our values

The origin of the abat group was founded in 1998 by Gyde Wortmann, Hinrich Meisterknecht, Holger Pralle and Ronald Wermann. At that time, all four had known each other for several years, some since their schooldays, spent a long time building up their knowledge in various corporate groups and had most recently worked together in a large company. When they founded abat, they took one thing to heart, not least because of their corporate experience: "We don't want bureaucracy as an end in itself in our company."

For us, this means getting by with as few guidelines as possible in our day-to-day work. Rather than rigid rules and long coordination processes, abat focuses on mutual trust, personal responsibility, and respectful cooperation in our daily work. To anchor our founder’s ideas in the company, our guiding principles on the importance of abat for our customers, our employees, our partners, and our own company were established.

Since the foundation in 1998, these have remained unchanged:

Our basic principle is to trust people and treat each other with respect.

Guiding principles

abat means for our customers
  • the best know-how available on the market is available to him for the successful implementation of his project 

  • the project is successfully completed

abat means for our partners
  • we maintain fair dealings at eye level 

  • we see partners as partners and not as suppliers and service providers 

  • we solve the customer's problems together

abat means for our employees
  • free space and coaching are available in reasonable proportion
  • to be able to develop constantly
  • to work under top conditions
  • having fun at work
  • to share responsibility through common rights and duties
  • to participate measurably in the success of their own work
abat means for our company
  • to provide the highest quality
  • constantly looking for innovations
  • to operate globally
  • to be among the successful ones on the market

Since our founding, we have gone our own way and sought solutions that fit our organization - even if they may seem unconventional. Instead of rigid plan fulfillment, we focus on long-term success. Instead of prescribing rigid rules, we focus on individual solutions - both in relation to our employees and to our company. For us, it is important that the chosen solution is as optimal as possible for all stakeholders.

For us, it is important that the chosen solution is as optimal as possible for all stakeholders. Common sense and creative ideas take center stage, while hierarchies play a subordinate role. For example, we have always worked without budgets (only after years have we discovered that this approach is called Beyond Budgeting), so that many decisions are made by our employees on the spot in the project, based on their needs. We trust our employees to act responsibly and on their own responsibility - a concept that has proven its worth.


SAP Developer

What I find most attractive working at abat is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are coworkers as well as friends. I can ask any question and always receive constructive feedback. Moreover, it is highly encouraged to try new things, which helps broaden the horizon for me and the company alike.


SAP Consultant

I truly enjoy working at abat. The flexible working environment and professional colleagues have made my experience here exceptional. The culture of collaboration and willingness to offer help has allowed me to develop my skills in SAP. Overall, I feel grateful to be a part of such a supportive and dynamic team



I like working at abat because there is a very pleasant, appreciative working atmosphere here with a lot of freedom. There is a lot of trust, so you also have the freedom to try out something new - but if it doesn't work out, there is also the necessary support. That's how I've learned so much! In addition, if you have problems while working in the home office, you can often quickly find colleagues who are happy to help you out via teams.


Senior SAP Developer

At abat, thanks to the great variety of projects, I have the opportunity to constantly expand my horizons and thus always be prepared for upcoming challenges.


Working student
St. Ingbert

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE is very important at abat. Thanks to flexible working hours and a great team, you can combine work and university very well.