Visitors App

The current health situation and the need for information security systems present new challenges for companies. Thanks to our expertise in cloud technologies, especially with AWS,

we have developed a timely and adaptable solution for the entry/exit control of employees and visitors following all health and safety guidelines.

Solution overview

It is a full serverless web application hosted on AWS, with integrations to Microsoft Active Directory for enterprise user authentication.

Employees have a special calendar in the application to check the availability of workplaces and schedule a site visit.

Visitors should schedule a visit and upload their documents in advance of their visit.

Any employee or visitor entering the facility is registered through a biometric device with facial recognition and temperature measurement code, which is integrated into the system as an IoT device.

System features

  • Administrator users can access to a complete log of entries, surveys, and temperatures
  • If the biometric device detects an abnormal parameter, an alert is sent to a distribution list via email or SMS
  • All system architecture was made to be fully adaptable to specific requirements

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