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Fly, count, optimize: A bird‘s eye view of inventory

How AI and drones can reduce inventory labor by up to 90%.
In this White Paper, René Kessler describes how AI and drones are revolutionizing inventory. Based on a research collaboration with the University of Oldenburg, it minimizes manual inventory by up to 90% and increases transparency. The author covers everything from machine learning to real-world examples and discusses both benefits and challenges. A must-read for companies that want to optimize their inventory.

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SAC vs. Power BI

Optimize your data analysis with the right tool
Read this whitepaper for a comparison of SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI reporting tools. Our analytics experts, Marcel Kuchler and Dirk Tellmann, include criteria such as data source connectivity, visualization capabilities, and advanced analytics features to help you choose an enterprise analytics tool. Discover the ideal solution to support your management decisions.

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