S/4HANA transformation - ignite the turbo from the start!

abat Web-Talk: How to develop your roadmap and prepare in a targeted manner

According to a DSAG survey, about one-third of members have not yet tackled the topic of S/4HANA transition. At the same time, in 2027, SAP will either discontinue its maintenance or make it more expensive, is drawing ever closer. Another critical factor is that companies that have not yet made the transition are increasingly being cut off from SAP's range of innovations.

And this against the backdrop of a global political situation in which supply chains are under scrutiny and processes have to be continuously adapted. Where new products are being brought to market in ever shorter innovation cycles and regulatory requirements are constantly increasing.

As is so often the case, the first step seems to be the hardest: How should such a major project be approached, when should implementation begin and what expenses, but also improvements, can be expected?

Our experts have gained experience in a wide range of S/4HANA projects, from initial strategic considerations to implementation in a greenfield or brownfield approach. In a 45-minute moderated talk, they will summarize their experiences and explain how to prepare for the changeover using individual examples.

Note: This webinar was held in German.

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