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From our two locations in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, we support our customers with a proven nearshoring concept. In Minsk and Vilnius, abat offers SAP services for customers in Europe and Asia. More than 60 employees are always up to date thanks to the abat group's integrated training programs. The focus is on application management services, software development, application consulting for logistics and finance, SAP Basis, PI/PO and EWM. Low fluctuation and our global network ensure a stable knowledge base as well as technical and personal continuity in supporting our customers.

A major advantage for our customers is the high availability of know-how. Vilnius, for example, with its modern infrastructure and business-friendly environment, is one of the top addresses for future-oriented companies in the Baltic States. This gives abat customers access to a wide range of IT experts who can meet their specific requirements.



The infrastructure at both locations is operated according to the guidelines of our group of companies and in cooperation with the parent company. In Minsk, we are certified by the German DEKRA according to ISO 27001 and work closely with the other abat sites within the framework of the ISMS. Our service management centrally coordinates extensive AMS activities across different time zones and locations in 24/X scenarios.

Communication is a central factor in the daily cooperation with our customers. Therefore, our employees are continuously trained and certified according to DAF. In addition, we offer further training in English by professional language trainers.

Nearshoring at abat means high flexibility. Depending on their needs, customers can request additional resources or reduce existing resources. This allows them to react quickly to changes in demand or the business environment without having to make a long-term commitment.

Interested? We would be happy to explain our concept and answer your questions in a personal meeting so that you can get an exact picture for your specific task.

SAP Services for Europe and Asia in the abat Group Network

Founded in Minsk in 2004 and in Vilnius in 2022, abat has many years of experience in various sectors of the automotive industry as well as in other industries, from furniture production to shipyards and food production.

Our main focus is on the following areas:

  • Application Management Services
  • Software Development
  • Application consulting for logistics and finance
  • SAP Basis
  • PI/PO
  • EWM

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