We currently offer apprenticeships for IT specialists. You can choose one of the following specializations: System integration, application development or data management.

Are you more interested in business processes? Then start your training in our administration. You can become part of our administration team as a financial accountant, financial clerk, accounts payable clerk or office management trainee.

What awaits you

We support you from the beginning with tips & tricks, with the selection of your main topics and by teaching and promoting self-determined and independent work. (Final) projects that end up in the archive collecting dust after completion do not exist with us. Together we choose projects that interest you and that you can be proud of.

You can choose your specialization from various topics in system-related IT. You will also have the excellent opportunity to get to know the SAP systems and to get involved in their maintenance and programming.

Or you can opt for "Everything to do with software development". Here, for example, the focus is on planning, designing and programming applications.

But rather business administration? Administration is at the heart of every company - and that includes us. In addition to classic accounting, you will support the administration team in many different administrative and organizational areas.

Do you want to contribute your ideas and become part of the crew to move the ship forward together?

Then discover our vacancies in our job portal!


Working student
St. Ingbert

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE is very important at abat. Thanks to flexible working hours and a great team, you can combine work and university very well.


Student apprentice

Despite the professionalism that abat AG displays to the outside world, it became clear to me during my first few days that this does not have to be a contradiction to fun, friendliness and relaxed interaction among colleagues. The flat hierarchies ensured that I felt comfortable as an intern and like a full member of the team right from the start.



Before I started here, I was already told quite a bit about abat. In the meantime, I can confirm it firsthand: The company is characterized by a modern way of working in which everyone can contribute equally and is also listened to. The team is open-minded and always ready to help.