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     2 CSR Manager at TAKKT AG
     96 ID-Report Users 
     62 worldwide locations
     1,336.8 million euros in annual sales in 2022

About the company

TAKKT AG is a leading omni-channel supplier of business equipment in Europe and North America. The Group is represented by three divisions in more than 25 countries and its subsidiaries offer more than 700,000 products in the areas of business and warehouse equipment, office furniture, transport packaging, display items and equipment for the food service, hotel and retail markets.

ID-Report helped us to reorganize and automate our data collection process across the group. As part of our sustainability reporting, we have been able to perform comprehensive data queries from different divisions and locations in a structured way. This has saved us time and improved data quality.

Marissa Friedrich - Group Sustainability, TAKKT Group

Sustainability at TAKKT

Sustainability is an integral part of TAKKT's corporate strategy. In addition to financial indicators, TAKKT's business practices are also guided by non-financial environmental and social indicators. To this end, the TAKKT product portfolio is regularly evaluated on the basis of "thinkable" sustainability indicators. TAKKT also aims to increase the proportion of sustainably certified suppliers. In the area of climate, the Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions of all locations are to be reduced by 50 percent by 2030 compared to the base year 2021. As good cooperation with stakeholders is a priority for TAKKT, it is important to create as much transparency as possible in the various areas. For example, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners should be adequately informed about sustainability goals and progress. In order to achieve this, TAKKT's own requirements for the quality of sustainability reporting are also increasing. 

Optimising the quality and completeness of data is the basis for the long-term improvement of TAKKT's sustainability performance and the achievement of its goals. In addition to external product and supplier data, internal data from the individual divisions also play an important role in assessing the company's own sustainability performance. In order to simplify the complex process of data collection and to implement it throughout the Group, TAKKT decided to use the ID-Report software solution. As a result, qualitative and quantitative data queries for the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint and the fulfillment of the GRI criteria were successfully implemented as part of the sustainability reporting via ID-Report. The subsequent analysis of the data was then performed by internal experts using exports from ID-Report. The results of the data analysis and further information on CSR at TAKKT can be found in the Sustainability Report: TAKKT AG - Sustainability

Why ID Report?

Data requirements for different business units and locations worldwide require a high degree of coordination. At the beginning of the 2022 reporting period, TAKKT set itself the goal of further improving the quality of its reporting. This is not only because regulatory requirements will increase in the future, but also because transparency towards stakeholders is very important. 

It was clear that the first step towards high-quality reporting was to implement a structured and efficient data collection system, as the quality of the data is the basis for all subsequent processes. ID-Report proved to be the ideal solution for data retrieval, eliminating the need to deal with large Excel spreadsheets and traditional e-mail traffic.  

The individual assignment of data suppliers to individual queries made it possible to create a comprehensive responsibility profile for the various topics. At the same time, the user-friendly interface facilitated a group-wide implementation of the software. The feedback from the employees showed that they were able to work well with the data queries via ID-Report after a short training. The great flexibility in creating individual data queries also made it possible to query the data according to individual needs. For example, the data suppliers were able to enter both cost-based and activity-based data for the calculation of the company's carbon footprint. The individual structure within the software enabled a high proportion of primary data to be obtained from all sites in the last reporting period.

With the help of ID-Report's control function, the entered data could be checked regularly and questions from data suppliers regarding data entry could be answered directly via the software's chat function. The automatic conversion of units and the consideration of exchange rates made it easy to aggregate the international data from all 62 locations. This not only reduced the workload for the data providers, but also eliminated potential sources of error. Overall, e-mail traffic related to data entry via ID-Report was significantly reduced and problems could be solved in the software on a case-by-case basis. The integration of the GRI criteria in ID-Report also facilitated the subsequent implementation of the reporting. 

In addition to the software features, the support provided by the abat experts was a big plus, with helpful training and answers to questions about the implementation and use of the software. Even in the peak phases of the reporting, when time pressure was high, technical problems could be solved quickly and satisfactorily.  

After the successful implementation of ID-Report, TAKKT will also use the software outside the reporting period for regular data queries. In the future, this will also include the plausibility check, which allows a direct comparison between the previous year's data and the current data.


The results

  • Implementation of a company-wide structured data collection and reporting process
  • Improved data quality and completeness 
  • Fast and efficient data retrieval to facilitate the daily work of data providers

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