How to optimize your business processes with SAP Signavio

To optimize a process, you must first understand it. But how do you get an overview of the process? SAP Signavio offers several tools to understand processes.

This blog post introduces some of them and highlights their potential.

What is SAP Signavio?

Signavio, a leading provider of business process management (BPM) and process mining software solutions, was acquired by SAP in early 2021. Signavio's platform includes tools for modeling, analyzing and optimizing business processes as well as for performing process mining analysis, enabling companies to visualize processes, identify improvement opportunities and make informed decisions on process optimization.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface, collaborative features and integrations with other enterprise systems to ensure seamless collaboration and a holistic view of business processes.

What are Process Insights?

One of the Signavio modules introduced in this article is Process Insights. It enables the user to quickly gain an understanding of the processes in your company and to perform first analyses.

Templates from Signavio are used to analyze data from SAP. The templates are used to generate first key figures that provide a first overview of the process.

What is Process Intelligence?

Process Intelligence is the module for performing process mining. Process Mining is a data-based analysis technique aimed at understanding, monitoring, and improving business processes in companies. Event logs or log files from information systems are used to reconstruct, visualize, and analyze the actual flow of processes. A process mining analysis is performed in three steps:

  1. Data preparation: Raw data from information systems is collected, cleaned, and prepared for further analysis.
  2. Process modeling: The processed data is used to create models that visualize the actual process flow. 
  3. Analysis and Interpretation: The models created are analyzed to identify patterns, deviations, and opportunities for improvement. Decisions on process optimization can be made on this basis.

An example of a visualized process is shown in the figure below. In addition to visualizing the process flow, the Process Mining module provides the ability to generate in-depth analyses using the SIGNAL query language.

Abbildung eines Prozesses in Signavio Process Itelligence

Mapping a process in Signavio Process Itelligence

What is the Process Manager?

Signavio's Process Manager is a tool that helps companies to model, document and optimize their business processes. It is a comprehensive BPM platform that provides various functions for process management.

There are synergy effects with Process Mining when creating BPMN diagrams. This makes it possible to convert the process visualized in Process Mining into a BPMN diagram and thus create process documentation based on the actual process flow in the SAP system.

What is the Process Collaboration Hub?

The Signavio Process Collaboration Hub is a software platform designed to improve collaboration and communication within organizations, especially in the context of process modeling and optimization. The platform provides various features that enable users to collaborate on process models,   exchange feedback, track changes and manage process documentation.

Screenshot einer Prozesslandkarte eines Unternehmens in Signavio

Illustration of a process map of a company

By integrating social collaboration tools, workflow management and analytics, the Process Collaboration Hub helps organizations design more efficient and transparent processes and drive continuous improvement. In addition, when combined with the Process Intelligence module, you can create a dashboard of business process metrics to help you gain visibility into your business processes. 

Screenshot der Company Overview in Signavio

Figure Company Overview

What are the benefits of Signavio?

Process visualization and transparency: Signavio enables companies to visualize their business processes, which leads to better transparency and understanding of workflows.

Collaborative Work Environment: The platform promotes collaboration between team members and different departments by providing a common working environment for modeling, analyzing, and optimizing processes. 

Efficient process optimization: Using analytical tools, companies can identify process optimization opportunities and make targeted improvements to increase efficiency and performance.

Compliance and Risk Management: Signavio helps organizations comply with regulations and identify risks in their processes, leading to improved governance and risk management practices. 

Scalability and flexibility: The platform is scalable and flexible enough to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and industries and can be adapted to changing needs and process requirements. 

Integrations and extensibility: Signavio integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems and offers a range of extensions and add-ons to extend the platform's functionality and meet specific requirements.

How abat can help you optimize your processes

In a free introductory workshop, abat will give you an overview of all relevant components of the SAP Signavio Suite. For example, the Process Manager, which documents business processes, or the Process Intelligence solution, which analyzes actual processes in a data-based and structured manner. If the predefined extractors and models of the SAP Signavio Suite are not sufficient, abat offers a generic data extractor as a solution option. This is often necessary when individual processes and customer-specific systems are used. The data extractor also supports the introduction of the Process Intelligence module in terms of data preparation and process modeling.

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